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This Korean Policeman Takes His Job Way Too Seriously

Footage has emerged taken via dash cam of a Seoul police officer showing absolute dedication to his job …… getting dragged 200m by a motorbike trying to flee from a ticket infringement.

ROKDrop Picture of the Day: Angry Onions

Farmers dump onions on a square in front of the South Jeolla Provincial Government building in Muan, southwestern South Korea, on June 19, 2014, in protest of the plunge in the local onion prices.

South Korea Troops Surround Soldier Who Killed Five Comrades

Late on Saturday night, the soldier threw a grenade and opened fire, killing five members of his unit and wounding seven others, at an outpost in the base at Goseong county, a mountainous region that borders the North on the eastern coast of the peninsula.

The Korean Pizza Wars Have Begun, They Have

Pizza isn’t Korean food per se, but the Koreans have certainly put their own spin on it.

Uijeongbu Walk About

Uijeongbu Walk About