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Where’s The Beef?

Ah North Korea. They try so hard but never seem to quite “get it.” While this is certainly the saddest excuse for a hamburger I have ever seen, it certainly must be better than the average citizens meal, such as rock and twig soup, or worse. The country of North Korea might not be too fond of the United States, but that doesn’t stop its citizens from wanting to try American cuisine. Recently, intrepid traveler Bobthewraith posted these sad photos on Reddit that show what counts as a hamburger according to the state-owned, national flag carrier airline of North Korea, Air Koryo.Read More

The TARDIS spotted in Seoul.

More than 1000 fans in Seoul will now have the chance to attend a fan event and watch the first episode of the latest season of Doctor Who, in a new venue for the World Tour’s South Korean leg.

Amusing Meme: Kim Jung Un Bunny

Amusing meme from the interwebtubes. “If you crush a marshmallow bunny it looks like Kim Jung Un.

LTG: About Last Night

We all have both unique and shared (and uniquely shared) experiences living in Korea. So, I had my typical Friday night of darts at Dolce Vita although somewhat atypically I managed a first place finish.  My nephew Justin came by the bar for a couple of beers and then we headed out to the samgyapsal joint I favor. As is our normal practice the conversation soon turned to politics. And when I start getting wound up my voice gets somewhat intense.  Not shouting really, just kind of aggressive.  I was in this mode when the waitress came to our tableRead More

ROKDrop Picture of the Day: Construction of Tallest Building In South Korea Completed

More about goings on in Korea can be read about at the The Northeast Asia Trade Tower or NEATT (Korean: 동북아무역타워) is a skyscraper in Songdo International City, the world’s most expensive private real estate project in Incheon Free Economic Zone, South Korea. The 305m (1001 foot) building is currently South Korea’s tallest, and has 68 floors. It surpassed the previous record-holder, Samsung Tower Palace 3 – Tower G in Seoul, when it topped-out in 2009.

Your Engrish is really bad!

Living in Asia, the western English speaker often comes across glaringly odd examples of bizarre English usage. It is referred to as “Engrish” or more specific to Korea, “Konglish.”

Pictures of Thailand

Although this blog is mostly dedicated to Korea, there are many interesting destinations in the neighborhood. Plus, these are some great photos from our friend Brick in Thailand. Enjoy.

Photo credits: Brick. Visit our friend Brick on instagram to see more.