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Assembly Passes Resolution Denouncing N. Korea's Nuke Test

[Politics] : The National Assembly has passed a resolution denouncing North Korea’s fourth nuclear test.[more…] …read more

All S.Koreans Must Stand Together Against Pyongyang

The National Security Council met Thursday and decided to resume propaganda broadcasts across the border with North Korea starting at noon Friday.
The South had restarted the broadcasts in August last year after box mines planted by North Korea maimed two South Korean soldiers. But it halted them a… …read more

S.Korea Resumes Propaganda Broadcasts Across DMZ

The government on Thursday laid out its responses to North Korea’s nuclear test a day earlier. They include resuming propaganda broadcasts across the heavily armed border, which Seoul believes are a particular irritant to the regime.
“The North’s nuclear test violated its obligations and commitments… …read more

US Monitors S. Korean Skies to Check for Helium

[International] : A U.S. aircraft has flown over South Korea to check for the presence of radioactive materials, …[more…] …read more

S. Korea's Top Three Shipbuilders Post Record High Operating Loss

[Economy] :

The operating loss of South Korea’s three largest shipbuilding companies surpassed eight trillion …

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'Quake Waveforms of N. Korea's H-bomb Test, 2013 Test Almost Identical'

[International] :

An American earthquake expert claims that seismic waveforms shown in North Korea’s nuclear test Wednesday are almost identical to those from the 2013 nuclear test.

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N.Korea Conducts 'H-Bomb' Test

North Korea on Wednesday claimed to have conducted a successful test of a hydrogen bomb.
The country’s “first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10 a.m… based on the strategic determination of the Workers’ Party,” the state-run [North] Korean Central TV claimed.
The channel adde… …read more

Park Byung-ho Makes 2016 ESPN Breakout Hitters List

Park Byung-ho was ranked 10th in the list of “breakout hitters for 2016” by ESPN on Tuesday.
Park, who will make his Major League debut for the Minnesota Twins this year, was the only rookie to make the top 10 list.”After seeing what [Kang Jung-ho] did with the Pittsburgh Pirates last year (deliver… …read more

Weekly Protests on Japan's Wartime Sexual Slavery Mark 24th Anniversary

[Domestic] :

Victims of wartime sexual slavery and and civic activists will hold the one-thousand-212th weekly …

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Temperatures to Plunge This Week

The mercury is expected to drop below freezing in the capital and surrounding areas for the time being. The Korea Meteorological Administration on Monday said a cold weather front has arrived from the northwest, while strong winds make it feel even colder.
Temperatures on Tuesday morning were four t… …read more

BOK Convenes Emergency Meeting Following China's Market Plunge

[Economy] :

Bank of Korea officials have convened an emergency meeting in the wake of China’s market …

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Korea's Trade Volume Falls Below $1 Trillion

Korea’s trade volume fell below US$1 trillion for the first time in five years last year due to the global economic slump compounded by low oil prices.
But imports declined faster than exports, resulting in a record trade surplus of US$90.4 billion.
The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on Fri… …read more

Transportation Ministry to Begin Safety Inspections on Budget Airlines

[Economy] :

The government will probe low cost airlines due to rising safety concerns following a recent …

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S. Korea's Gold Reserves 34th Largest in World

[Economy] :

South Korea’s gold reserves ranked 34th largest in the world.

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Kim Jong-un Focuses on Economy, Not Nukes, in New Year's Speech

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un used his New Year’s Day address Friday to focus primarily on the importance of economic development, avoiding any explicit threats or references to his country’s nuclear weapons program.
Kim, who sported new plastic-framed glasses and his signature shaved-sides haircu… …read more

Authorities Trying to Determine Cause of Dubai Hotel Fire

Authorities are trying to determine what caused an inferno at a high-rise luxury hotel in downtown Dubai that burned during the city’s New Year’s eve fireworks extravaganza.
The fire at The Address Hotel provided dramatic scenes as hundreds of thousands of people watching the fireworks display looke… …read more

'So' Most Deserving of Banishment

The tiny word “so” tops this year’s list of words or phrases people would like to see banished from use.
“So it’s getting really annoying. So can we please put a stop to this?” said David G. Simpson who nominated the word to be included in the list, compiled by Lake Superior State University in Mich… …read more