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Seoul, Washington to Begin THAAD Negotiations

[Politics] : Seoul and Washington have agreed to officially discuss the issue of deploying the U.S. Terminal …[more…] …read more

38 North Confirms Fuel Injection at Launch Site

[International] : The North Korea monitoring website, 38 North, said Friday that satellite imagery shows signs that North Korea has begun fuel injection at its Dongchang-ri missile site.
[more…] …read more

Powerful Earthquake Hits Southern Taiwan

A strong earthquake struck southern Taiwan near the city of Tainan Saturday, collapsing at least one building and raising fears that residents could be trapped inside. So far there have been no reports of causalities.
The U.S. Geological Survey says the epicenter of the shallow 6.4 magnitude quake w… …read more

Possible Time Scenario of N. Korea Missile Launch

[Politics] : Anchor: Part of the time window North Korea gave for its planned missile launch overlaps with the …[more…] …read more

More Young People Duck Out of Family Gatherings

A growing number of young Koreans are avoiding family gatherings over the Lunar New Year to escape being grilled about their lives.
One good excuse is to get a part-time job during the holidays. Part-time job portal Alba polled 1,267 members on Monday and found that 50.4 percent plan to work p… …read more

S. Korean Shipbuilders Suffer Record Losses

[Economy] : Regulatory filings showed that South Korea’s shipbuilders suffered record losses last year.[more…] …read more

U.S. Army Commander: Troop Cuts Would Hurt Afghans' Training

The senior U.S. military commander in Afghanistan told Congress on Thursday that training for Afghan forces would be severely constrained if the number of American troops there was cut to 5,500, as President Barack Obama has proposed.
Obama is planning to cut the number of American forces in Afghani… …read more

[Exclusive] Purged N. Korean Army Chief: Satellite Program for Nuclear ICBM

[Politics] : KBS has exclusively obtained a voice recording of a former key North Korean military commander, …[more…] …read more

Three-Person Embryo 'Ethical' Says Report

It is ethical, under certain conditions, to create an embryo from the DNA of three people, according to a new report.
The report from the Institute of Medicine said using DNA from three people, a man and two women, was ethical in certain situations. Researchers think creating embryos this way could … …read more

NSC: N. Korea to Pay Severe Price for ICBM Test

[Politics] : As North Korea revealed its plans for what it called a satellite launch, the South Korean …[more…] …read more

Chinese Military Planes Spotted Over East Sea

Two Chinese military airplanes flew over the East Sea before heading back to China, Japan’s Kyodo News reported Sunday.
The aircraft apparently entered the so-called air defense identification zones of both countries without advance notice, but Tokyo said they did not invade its airspace.
Kyodo New… …read more

Health Minister: Zika Virus Outbreak Unlikely in S. Korea

[Politics] : South Korean Health Minister Chung Chin-youb has vowed all out efforts to prevent the spread of the Zika virus in the country.[more…] …read more