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Presidential Office Calls for Anti-Cyberterrorism Bill

[Politics] : The presidential office has repeated the urgency of the need to approve an anti-cyberterrorism bill …[more…] …read more

Prince William, Kate, Kids Enjoy Snow in Ski Holiday Photos

Kensington Palace has released photos of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and their children George and Charlotte on a ski holiday in the French Alps. The six images published Monday show William, Kate, 2 1/2-year-old George and 10-month-old Charlotte on the snowy slopes last week.&nbs… …read more

Seoul Metro to Crack Down on Subway Fare Evaders

[Domestic] : Seoul Metro, the operator of subway lines one to four, will launch an intensive crackdown on fare evaders over the next two weeks.[more…] …read more

Authorities Probe Suspected Hacking into Domestic Firm by IS

[Domestic] : Intelligence authorities are looking into rumors of death threats against South Korean nationals by …[more…] …read more

Rupert Murdoch Weds Jerry Hall in London

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and model-actress Jerry Hall married Friday at an aristocratic palace in London. They were photographed emerging with smiles Friday from Spencer House, which was built in the 18th century by ancestors of the late Princess Diana. The 84-year-old groom wore a business … …read more

Iceland Best Country for Working Women, S. Korea Last in OECD

[International] : South Korea has been found to have the most prominent “glass ceiling” against female workers among member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
[more…] …read more

Russia Urges N. Korea to Return to Denuclearization Talks

[International] : Russia has urged North Korea to return to denuclearization talks in the wake of the latest UN …[more…] …read more

Ex-Clinton Aide Granted Immunity in Email Probe

A one-time aide to former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, now the leading 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, has been granted immunity as prosecutors question him about the possible mishandling of classified information on her private email server when she was the country’s top diploma… …read more

French Sci-Fi Author Is Korea's Bestselling Novelist

French sci-fi writer Bernard Werber has been the bestselling novelist in Korea over the past 10 years. At Korea’s largest bookstore Kyobo Book Center, Werber ranked first in sales of novels from 2006 to 2015.He made his name with “The Ants” in 1993 and has since topped bestseller list here with “The… …read more

National Assembly Approves N. Korean Human Rights Act

[Politics] : The South Korean parliament has passed the North Korean Human Rights Act.

The National Assembly …[more…] …read more

UNSC to Vote on N. Korea Sanctions Resolution Wednesday

[International] : The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to vote on Wednesday morning on a resolution …[more…] …read more