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Pres. Park to Leave for Iran Sunday

[Politics] : President Park Geun-hye will leave Sunday for a three-day state visit to Iran, the first such trip …[more…] …read more

Australia Urges Britons to Remain in European Union

The Australian government has urged the British people not to leave the European Union. A referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the EU will be held in June.
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop believes it is in her country’s best interest that Britain remains a part of the European U… …read more

'US Testing Automated System to Hunt for Mobile Missile Launchers'

[International] : A U.S. defense news portal says that the U.S. intelligence community is testing an automatic …[more…] …read more

Koreans Get Extra Day Off to Stimulate Consumption

Workers can look forward to a four-day weekend after President Park Geun-hye in a Cabinet meeting Thursday designated May 6 a holiday this year to boost leisure consumption.
Park unveiled a number of measures to stimulate domestic spending.
May 6 is the Friday after Children’s Day, another holiday,… …read more

2 More N.Korean Missiles Fizzle

North Korea fired a couple of medium-range ballistic missiles on Thursday, but the first crashed into the sea and the second also failed, according to military officials here.
The Musudan missile is theoretically capable of hitting U.S. military bases on Guam in the West Pacific but does not seem t… …read more

US Official Refutes Trump’s Asian Security Comments

[International] : U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken says his country’s alliances with South Korea and Japan …[more…] …read more

NIS: N. Korea Ready for 5th Nuke Test

[Politics] : South Korea’s National Intelligence Service has asserted North Korea finished preparations for a …[more…] …read more

French Satellite Will Test Einstein's Theory of Relativity

A French satellite, just launched, will test a basic theory of famed physics innovator Albert Einstein that, if proven wrong, could undermine the whole foundation of physics.The satellite, called “Microscope,” launched Monday, will test the concept that in a vacuum, all bodies fall at the same speed… …read more

CBS: Obama Places Priority on Protecting S. Korea

[International] : U.S. President Barack Obama has revealed his cautious position on the option of attacking North …[more…] …read more

Gov't to Reduce Students in High School Classes to 24 by 2022

[Domestic] : The Education Ministry has decided to reduce the number of students in a high school class from the …[more…] …read more

Samsung Pivots to Cheaper Smartphones

Samsung will launch a cheaper smartphone in China next month tentatively named the Galaxy C, signaling a shift in strategy from its insistence on high-end models in a saturated market.
The phone will have a 5.2-inch screen and cost around US$300. The announcement comes just two months after Samsung … …read more

'Now is Not Time to Talks About Dialogue with N. Korea'

[Politics] : South Korea’s Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo says that it is not the right time to talk about dialogue with North Korea.[more…] …read more

JCS: N. Korea Test-Fires Submarine Missile into East Sea

[Politics] : North Korea has fired what appears to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile(SLBM) in the East …[more…] …read more

Japanese Minister: Mitsubishi Scandal Threatens Auto Industry

Japan’s transport minister says he wants Mitsubishi to be honest with its customers after revelations the company manipulated fuel efficiency data on more than 620,000 cars.
Keiichi Ishii said Friday he wants the company “to respond with sincerity” to customers’ questions. He said Mitsubishi sh… …read more

Defense Ministry Conducts General-level Military Reshuffle

[Politics] : The government on Friday conducted a general-level military reshuffle for the first half of the year.[more…] …read more

Most Working Women Would Hire Foreign Help

Some 68 percent of working mothers are willing to hire foreign housekeepers as long as they can speak some Korean, a survey suggests.
Prof. Mo Jong-ryn at Yonsei University asked 500 working mothers in Seoul late last year whether they would hire full-time foreign housekeepers who speak Korean at a … …read more

S. Korean, Japanese Lawmakers Launch Dialogue Channel

[Politics] : South Korean and Japanese lawmakers will launch a consultation body called the “South Korea-Japan Parliamentary Future Dialogue” and hold its inaugural meeting in Tokyo next month.[more…] …read more

Careless Talk Could Harm the S.Korea-U.S. Alliance

Gen. Vincent Brooks, nominated to succeed Curtis Scaparrotti as U.S. Forces Korea chief, told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday that if Washington removes its nuclear umbrella, South Korea “would have to contemplate [nuclear armament] to maintain their own security. That question … …read more

Average Life Expectancy in S. Korea Predicted to be 120 by 2045

[Domestic] : The Korea Internet and Security Agency has predicted that autonomous vehicles, housekeeping robots and industrial robots will become commonplace in 2045 due to the development of artificial intelligence and robot technology.
[more…] …read more

N.Korea Recalls Students from China

Nervous North Korean authorities are recalling students from China following the defections of workers from a North Korean restaurant in Ningbo, Radio Free Asia reported Tuesday citing local sources.One staff member at a university in the border city of Dandong said most of the 20 North Korean stude… …read more