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Next USFK Chief: Kim Jong-un "Arrogant, Impulsive"

[International] : The nominee for the commander of the U.S. Forces in Korea(USFK) says North Korean leader Kim …[more…] …read more

Korea's Tallest Tower Embodies Industrial Malaise

The observation deck atop the new Lotte World Tower in southern Seoul was completed last month, and now Seoul boasts the world’s fifth-tallest structure at 555 m. But the truth is that the tower was built without any Korean technology whatsoever and might stand as easily in Kazakhstan or Belgium.
A… …read more

Arbitrary Arrest, Detention 48% of Human Rights Violations in N. Korea

[Politics] : Arbitrary arrests and detentions are the most common forms of violations of basic rights in North Korea.[more…] …read more

UN Security Council Warns N.Korea Against Any Further Provocations

The UN Security Council on Friday issued a press statement condemning North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile as a violation of UNSC resolutions.
The UNSC warned Pyongyang of strong measures should it carry out any further provocations including a nuclear test or missile launch.
A UNSC press st… …read more

Irregular Hours, White Light Damage Sleep

The number of people suffering from sleep disorders is climbing steeply, from 110,000 in 2005 to 410,000 in 2014.
People in their 50s are especially prone, who according to the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service account for 65 percent patients with sleep disorders.
Studies show that th… …read more

Two Earthquakes in Japan Kill 42

[International] : Local media in Japan say at least 42 people have died from a series of strong earthquakes and …[more…] …read more

38 North: More Evidence of Possible Reprocessing at Yongbyon

[International] : Recent satellite imagery shows strong indications that North Korea has already begun or is …[more…] …read more

India Restricts Cars to Combat World's Most Polluted Air

Traffic was noticeably thinner on the usually congested roads of the Indian capital, New Delhi, as authorities launched a two week-long plan on Friday to restrict private automobiles on the streets to combat the world’s most toxic air.
It is the second time this year that cars will only be allowed o… …read more

Fitch: S. Korea Election Result Poses Risk to Implementing Reforms

[International] : Global credit rating agency Fitch Ratings has assessed that the South Korean government will find it more difficult to implement key structural reforms to boost long-term productivity after the ruling party’s loss in the general elections
[more…] …read more

Voters Are Fed Up with Business as Usual

The People’s Party led by maverick ex-tycoon Ahn Cheol-soo and lawmakers who broke away from the main opposition Minjoo Party, won 38 seats in Wednesday’s general elections to consolidate its position as a third force.
The last time a party other than the main opposition won a bargaining position i… …read more

JCS: N. Korea Road-Mobile Musudan Missile Launch Fails

[Politics] : North Korea attempted to fire an intermediate-range ballistic missile, but the launch appears to …[more…] …read more

Most Workers Says Smartphones Add to Office Hassle

Six out of 10 office workers are being inconvenienced by their bosses or colleagues because their smartphone rings constantly even when they have left work for the day.
In an online survey by the Korea Press Foundation of 1,040 salaried people between 20 and 59, some 62.3 percent said their life is… …read more

Main Opp. MPK Content over Exit Poll Predictions

[Politics] : The main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea, which aimed to secure 107 seats in the general …[more…] …read more

No Park Ji-sung at Group Draw for World Cup Qualifiers

Korean fans were waiting in vain on Tuesday for retired football star Park Ji-sung to appear on stage for the group draw for the final round of Asian qualifiers in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
Park was due to take part in the draw in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with retired Saudi Arabian footballer Sami… …read more

Draw for 2018 World Cup Asian Qualifiers Final Round

[Sports] : The official draw for the final Asian qualification round for the 2018 World Cup took place on Tuesday in Malaysia.[more…] …read more

High-Level Defections May Hold Key to Reform in N.Korea

A colonel in North Korea’s General Bureau of Reconnaissance defected last year, the highest-ranking North Korean military officer to defect to the South. The bureau is a key espionage agency that reports directly to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and is led by Kim Yong-chol, who was behind the sink… …read more

JCS Chief Inspects Commando Strike Drills

[Politics] : Anchor: As North Korea is continuing its threats against South Korea, Seoul’s Joint Chief of Staff …[more…] …read more

No End to Luxury Watch Boom in Korea

Koreans seem as addicted as ever to status symbols, bucking global market trends by snapping up luxury watches. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, its exports plunged 3.3 percent last year compared to 2014 to 21.8 billion Swiss francs. Shipments to Hong Kong, the world’s larges… …read more

Ku Hye-sun to Get Married Next Month

Actress Ku Hye-sun will marry fellow actor Ahn Jae-hyun in late May.
They plan to hold a small, private ceremony on May 21, with the money saved to be donated to charity.
Ku and Ahn met in April last year while working on the same TV series.
Ku has starred in numerous dramas including “Boys Over F… …read more

N. Korean Secret Police Chief Rises to 'Actual Influence'

[Politics] : A South Korean government official says the head of North Korea’s secret police agency has risen …[more…] …read more