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38th Parallel Monument on MSR 3

Just north of Dongducheon, on MSR 3, is a monument to 1st Cavalry Division and associated units. It sites on a sort of median strip so is often overlooked.  I was riding past when I saw Korean soldiers and civilians cleaning up the area and placing flowers during Korean Memorial Day. It is located at Gyeonggi-do Yeoncheon-gun Cheongsan-myeon Choseong-ri San127-6 “HanTan Daegyo (bridge) 4 Way Junction” – 38.003407, 127.065847      

People's Party Fl. Leader Appointed as Emergency Chief

[Politics] : To fill the vacancy left behind by the resignation of its two cochairmen, the minor opposition …[more…] …read more

Shinsegae to Build Korea's Biggest Mall in Hanam

Shinsegae Group will open a new multiplex shopping mall in Hanam, Gyeonggi Province around September.
The group said Tuesday the mall will be the country’s biggest shopping multiplex with a dining area bigger than the Olympic stadium in Jamsil, Seoul.
It will have four stories above ground a… …read more

Suicide Attacks on Turkish Airport Kill 31, No S. Korean Casualty Reported Yet

[International] : A suicide gun and bomb attack on Istanbul’s main airport has killed at least 32 people and injured scores more.[more…] …read more

Promising Vaccines Developed Against Zika Virus

In February, the World Health Organization declared the Zika epidemic a global public health emergency. Since then, drugmakers have been working to create vaccines that could protect against it. Two have proven extremely effective in mouse experiments.One of the drugs is a so-called DNA vaccine, eng… …read more

Unification Minister: Sanctions First, Talks Later, Vis-a-vis N. Korea

[Politics] : Seoul’s Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo said the government will focus on putting pressure on North Korea for the time being, rather than accepting the regime’s offer of dialogue.[more…] …read more

Employees Expect to Retire at 51

Salaried workers in Korea on average believe that they will be put to pasture at the age of 51, according to a survey. The findings reflect increasing fears of layoffs as more ailing businesses face painful restructuring.Jobs search portal Job Korea polled 1,405 workers from May 26-31. Among men the… …read more

FSC Chairman: Brexit Is Different from Lehman Brothers Case

[Economy] : South Korea’s top financial regulator said Monday that Britain’s decision to exit the European Union(EU) will unlikely develop into a global financial crisis. [more…] …read more

U.S. Drones to Play Bigger Role in Missile Defense

State-of-the-art U.S. drones will practice detecting North Korean missiles in a South Korea-U.S.-Japan drill in waters near Hawaii late this month.
Drones are likely to play an increasing role in missile defense as the U.S. is set on developing one that can also shoot missiles down.
The drill takes … …read more

US Wants to Wrap up THAAD Talks with S. Korea

[International] : The U.S. Defense Department says it wants to wrap up talks with South Korea on the deployment …[more…] …read more

Worst Floods in 100 Years Kill 20 in West Virginia

West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has declared states of emergency in 44 counties after the worst flooding in the mid-Atlantic state in 100 years killed 20 people.
“The damage is widespread and devastating,” Tomblin said Friday. “Our focus remains on search and rescue.”
As much as 25 centimete… …read more

Pakistan Denies Alleged Nuke Supply to N. Korea

[International] : The Pakistani government has strongly denied a media report saying that Islamabad was supplying …[more…] …read more

Kim Jong-un Claims Missiles 'Can Strike U.S.'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Wednesday claimed his country’s missiles can strike the U.S. in the Pacific.
“We have the sure capability to attack in an overall and practical way the Americans in the Pacific operation theatre,” the official KCNA news agency quoted him as saying.
Kim’s boast came… …read more

Seoul to Send Letter to ICAO, IMO Expressing Concerns Of Pyongyang's Missile Tests

[Politics] : The South Korean government has begun diplomatic procedures to protest against North Korea’s latest missile launches via international organizations overseeing aviation or maritime safety.[more…] …read more

US Civic Group: N. Korea Sells Workers through Uruguay

[International] : A U.S.-based non-governmental organization has reported that North Korea is exporting its sailors and fishermen overseas through Uruguay’s capital and port city of Montevideo.[more…] …read more

Britain Prepares for Historic EU Vote

Britain prepares for a momentous vote Thursday that will decide whether it leaves the European Union. The debate has centered on immigration and economic security and has often been bitter. Both sides have lowered the tone of their arguments after a three-day suspension of campaigning that followed … …read more

Another N.Korean Missile Test Fails

North Korea tested two Musudan medium-range ballistic missiles in early hours of Wednesday.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff here said that the North fired one missile at around 6:00 a.m. and the other one two hours later in Wonsan, Kangwon Province. The first launch appears to have failed while it is not… …read more

N. Korea Test Fires Additional Ballistic Missile

[Politics] : Seoul’s Joints Chiefs of Staff says North Korea has test fired another mid-range ballistic missile …[more…] …read more

Opposition Parties Agree to Seek Hearing on Allegations on Corporate Restructuring

[Politics] : Three opposition parties have decided to seek a hearing on allegations that top officials in the …[more…] …read more

Samsung, LG to Roll Out Cheaper Smartphones

Samsung, LG and Pantech are rolling out several low- to mid-priced smartphones later this month.Samsung will unveil the Galaxy On7, and LG will launch its latest X Series phone. Pantech, once among Korea’s top three smartphone makers, is also set to unveil a new cheaper smartphone.Their prime target… …read more