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VOA: 12 Nations Make Changes to Ties with N. Korea

[International] : Voice of America reports at least 12 countries have shown substantive changes in their diplomatic …[more…] …read more

China: Coal Imports from N. Korea Not Violation of UN Resolutions

[International] : Beijing has claimed that its continuous imports of coal from North Korea do not violate UN Security Council resolutions, expressing opposition to Washington’s efforts to impose its own sanctions on Chinese firms with alleged links to Pyongyang’s nuclear program.
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Sarkozy Loses Support in French Republican Presidential Race

Nicolas Sarkozy, hurt by legal and political setbacks, has lost ground against his main conservative rival in the race for France’s Republican party presidential nomination, two polls showed Wednesday.
Sarkozy, who was president from 2007 to 2012, is pitching himself as a man of action who will push… …read more

2 Umbrella Labor Unions to Stage Joint Rally Against Merit-Based Pay

[Domestic] : South Korea’s two umbrella labor unions will jointly stage a large-scale rally in Seoul on Thursday …[more…] …read more

Kakao, KEPCO to Be Spared Tough Conglomerate Rules

Some 37 companies will be exempted from regulations on conglomerates on Friday. They include 25 private companies like Kakao and Harim as well as 12 state-run companies such as KEPCO.
The Fair Trade Commission on Tuesday said a revision of relevant laws means a company will be considered a conglome… …read more

US Defense Chief to Seek Modernization of US Nuclear Arsenal

[International] : The United States has hinted that it will actively seek to modernize its nuclear arsenal to counter …[more…] …read more

Autumn Foliage Season Begins

The trees started wearing their flaming autumn colors on Mt. Seorak on Monday, the Korea Meteorological Administration said. That was three days later than last year and a day earlier than on average.The KMA announces the start of the autumn foliage season when the leaves turn on 20 percent of the m… …read more

Lindsay Lohan Visits Hospital for Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Turkey’s state-run news agency says American actress Lindsay Lohan has visited Syrian refugees at an Istanbul hospital and the home of a refugee family from Aleppo. The Anadolu agency reported Monday that the 30-year-old actress was accompanied by Turkey’s youth and sports deputy minister, Abdu… …read more

No. of Foreign Prisoners in S. Korea Increases

[Domestic] : The number of foreigners in South Korean correctional facilities increased one-point-seven times over the past five years.
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Russel: THAAD Not Negotiable

[International] : A U.S. State Department official has said the decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area …[more…] …read more

Bangkok Edges Out London as Top Tourist Draw

Move over London. Bangkok is edging out the British capital as the world’s top city for tourists. That’s according to new figures from Mastercard.
The U.S. credit card issuer forecasts that the Asian city will get almost 21.5 million visitors this year. That’s ahead of London, on just under 20 milli… …read more

Seoul Metro Unions to Strike Tuesday

[Domestic] : The two major labor unions of Seoul Metro, which operates subway lines one to four in the capital …[more…] …read more

Time to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s comments at the Hoover Institute on Monday clearly demonstrate the shift in Washington’s perception of the North Korean nuclear threat. Carter said the U.S. Forces Korea must be prepared to “fight tonight” not because they want to but because the “diplomatic pi… …read more

S. Korea's Exports to China Fall for 14th Straight Month

[Economy] : South Korea’s exports to China fell for the 14th consecutive month in August.
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American Boy's Letter to Obama Goes Viral

A letter from an American boy offering to take in a Syrian refugee has gone viral.
The letter from Alex, of Scarsdale, New York, was addressed to President Barack Obama and offered to take in Daqneesh, a boy who grabbed the world’s attention when a photo of him looking bloodied and dazed after an at… …read more

Gyeongju Rattled by Another 6 Aftershocks

Six aftershocks rattled the historic city of Gyeongju on Wednesday ranging in magnitude from 2.1 to 3.5. The area has suffered a total of 412 aftershocks since the 5.8-magnitude earthquake 10 days ago.City officials said no damage or casualties were reported, but the city government was inundated wi… …read more

White House Official Negative about S. Korea's Nuclear Armament

[International] : A senior White House official says South Korea’s nuclear armament as a deterrence against North Korea’s nuclear threat does not serve the interests of either Seoul or Washington.[more…] …read more

Killer Heels Come at a Cost

High heels can come at a high cost to health as they strain muscles in the legs and put pressure on the feet where nature does not want them. The weight in high-heeled shoes is no longer evenly distributed across the sole but concentrated on the front of the foot. This causes feet to swell easily an… …read more

Over 100 Countries, Int'l Organizations Condemn N. Korea's Nuke Test

[International] : More countries and international organizations are issuing statements condemning North Korea’s …[more…] …read more

4.5 Magnitude Aftershock Rattles Gyeongju Area

[Politics] : A four-point-five magnitude aftershock rattled the Gyeongju area on Monday evening.

The …[more…] …read more