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Park Dismisses Senior Aides Amid Influence-Peddling Scandal

[Politics] : Anchor: President Park Geun-hye has conducted a widely expected reshuffle of her office in response …[more…] …read more

S. Korean Weightlifter Could Win Silver from London Olympics

[Sports] : South Korean weightlifter Kim Min-jae, who grabbed an eight place finish at the London Olympics …[more…] …read more

Today's Photo: October 29, 2016

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Insurance Service Urges Foreigners to Subscribe for Policy

[Economy] : The National Health Insurance Service wants more long-term foreign residents to know they can get …[more…] …read more

Shin Sung-woo to Wed Woman 15 Years His Junior

Singer and actor Shin Sung-woo will marry his girlfriend of four years in December.
Shin told Sports Chosun on Thursday that he decided to marry her because she is “understanding” and they have a lot in common.
The woman, surnamed Park, is 15 years his junior and does not work in showbusiness.
Ac… …read more

Source: Seoul Proposed GSOMIA to Beijing in Addition to Tokyo

[Politics] : It has been made known that the South Korean government also proposed to Beijing the adoption of a military information sharing accord following a similar suggestion made to Tokyo.[more…] …read more

Did N.Korea Test a Long-Range Missile?

North Korea may have been testing an intercontinental ballistic missile on Oct. 15 and 20, rather than a medium-range missile as U.S. and South Korean authorities have assumed, American pundits speculate.
The failed launches took place at an air base in Kusong in remote North Pyongan Province.
At t… …read more

Sharp Rise in RSV Infections in S. Korea

[Domestic] : South Korea is seeing a sharp rise in the number of patients infected with respiratory syncytial virus(RSV).[more…] …read more

Park Must Pull Out of All Domestic Politics

President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday admitted letting a crony with no official position edit some of her key speeches and made a brief apology before rushing out of the room.
But even while saying sorry she claimed she only asked for advice on “some materials,” rather than admitting charges that Choi… …read more

S. Korea to Announce Own Sanctions on N. Korea at Strategic Timing

[Politics] : South Korea says it will announce its own unilateral sanctions against North Korea at a time that maximizes strategic effect.[more…] …read more

Park Is Kicking Up Dust to Hide Behind

President Park Geun-hye in the National Assembly on Monday detailed the policies for what remains of her term in office and proposed to amend the Constitution so a president can serve more than a single five-year term. “It’s time that we put aside the 1987 Constitution and draw up a new one for the … …read more

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Visits N. Korea

[International] : Amid ongoing efforts by the international community to toughen sanctions on North Korea, a …[more…] …read more

Self-Employed a Drain on Korea's Economy

Self-employed retirees are nibbling away at the growth potential of the Korean economy.The sector has been burgeoning as many retirees are unable to live on their savings and investments, and there are fears that the small mom-and-pop stores or noodle shops they open are sucking money and personnel … …read more

S. Korea Downplays US-N. Korea Talks in Malaysia

[Politics] : The South Korean government has reaffirmed that South Korea and the United States will keep strong pressure and sanctions on North Korea, downplaying the significance of a latest unofficial dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang in Malaysia.[more…] …read more

UN Chief Mulls His Role for S. Korea after Stepping down

[Politics] : UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Friday that he will think about the role he can play for …[more…] …read more

Today's Photo: October 22, 2016

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Moon Calls for Independence in Police Investigation

[Politics] : Former leader of the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea Moon Jae-in used Friday’s Police Day to …[more…] …read more

Seoul Police Arrest Suspect for Murders of 3 Koreans in Philippines

[Domestic] : The prime suspect in the murders of three South Koreans in the Philippines early this month has …[more…] …read more

1/3 of Divorcees Are Mature Couples

Nearly one-third of divorces are now between couples who have been together at least two decades.
According to Supreme Court annals, 32,626 couples who had been together for more than 20 years divorced last year, accounting for 30 percent of total divorced couples.
The divorce rate among mature co… …read more

Today's Photo: October 20, 2016

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