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Oh Seung-hwan Nominated for Reliever of the Year Award

Oh Seung-hwan of the St. Louis Cardinals has been nominated for an award given to the best relief pitchers in Major League Baseball.
The award also known as the Trevor Hoffman Award named after the former closer annually honors the best reliever.
“[Oh] stepped into the Cardinals’ closer role in July… …read more

Seoul Subway Unions Launch Strike over Wage Hike

[Politics] : Unionized workers of the Seoul metro system began a one-day strike from Wednesday morning.

Union …[more…] …read more

White House Condemns N. Korea's Missile Launch

[International] : The White House has strongly condemned the latest North Korean missile test on Saturday.

While …[more…] …read more

N.Korea Botches Another Missile Launch

North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile on Saturday but it exploded in mid-air.
The missile is believed to have a range of 3,500 km, which would make capable of striking the U.S. military base on Guam.
The botched launch coincided with the last day of a massive joint naval exer… …read more

Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Arrives in Busan

[Politics] : A U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier has arrived in South Korea’s port city of Busan after …[more…] …read more

Korean Food Event Captivates New Yorkers

[Culture] : An event was held in New York City to promote Korean cuisine.

Seoul’s Ministry of Agriculture, …[more…] …read more

Plunging British Pound Triggers 'Marmite Wars' as Brexit Bites

The British pound has fallen sharply over the past two weeks, and is now at record lows against the U.S. dollar, losing around 20 percent of its value since Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.
Analysts say the realization that Britain could be headed for a so-called “hard Brexit” — likely t… …read more

Foundation to Begin Providing Cash Aid to Sex Slavery Victims

[Domestic] : Korean victims forced into prostitution during the second World War era, and their family members, …[more…] …read more

Parties Blast China Over Coast Guard Incident

[Politics] : Rival parties are speaking out in a rare voice of unity to criticize Beijing’s attitude toward a …[more…] …read more

Korea Must Use Samsung Crisis to Rethink Strategy

Samsung’s decision to stop selling its combustible flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone deals a severe blow to the brand value of the electronics giant. Trillions of won in losses and production shortfalls are a secondary concern. Cracks in an image that took decades to build up are a much bigger blow … …read more

Seoul ICARUS Drone Int'l Film Festival to Open Next Week

[Culture] : Seoul City will host the country’s first film festival showcasing movies created from the …[more…] …read more

Activists Drop Propaganda Materials on N.Korea by Drone

An activist group has been delivering USB sticks and memory cards with South Korean films or soap operas to North Koreans by drone since last year.
Jung Kwang-il of No Chain, an organization of North Korean defectors, said Tuesday he explained advantages of using drones to deliver outside informati… …read more

Clinton, Trump Camps Don't Rule out Preemptive Attack on N. Korea

[International] : Aides for the U.S. Democratic Party’s presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Republican Party’s Donald Trump say both candidates are not ruling out any options to deal with the North Korean security threat, including a preemptive attack.[more…] …read more

Obama Wants Humans on Mars by 2030s

President Barack Obama says with the help of private companies, the United States will send humans to Mars by the 2030s.
In an op-ed published on, Obama wrote, “We have set a clear goal vital to the next chapter of America’s story in space: sending humans to Mars by the 2030s and returning t… …read more

Happy Life Expectancy of S. Koreans 75 Years

[Domestic] : An index has been developed to measure South Koreans’ comprehensive preparation for old age and …[more…] …read more

N.Korea 'Could Make 100 Nuclear Weapons by 2020'

North Korea will have 50 to 100 nuclear weapons and be capable of striking any target in the U.S. mainland with nuclear-tipped long-range missiles within four years, the conservative Rand Corporation claimed Saturday.The Rand Corporation makes the prediction in a report for the leaders of the next U… …read more

Power: US to Use Every Means to Press N. Korea

[Politics] : U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, says Washington is willing to employ every possible means to press North Korea to give up its nuclear program.
[more…] …read more

Chinese Trawler Sinks Coast Guard Ship

A Coast Guard vessel sank after being rear-ended by a Chinese trawler that was fishing illegally in the West Sea on Friday. The Coast Guard failed to give chase and waited 30 hours before officially announcing the incident. The Ministry of Public Safety and Security said it “took time” to negotiate … …read more

JCS Chief: Reconnaissance Assets Reinforced from Friday

[Politics] : Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Lee Sun-jin said Friday that South Korea and the U.S. have reinforced their combined reconnaissance assets to prepare against a possible provocation by North Korea.[more…] …read more

Finland Accuses Russia of Violating Its Airspace

Finland and the U.S. signed an agreement Friday to strengthen their military collaboration, in the wake of accusations that Russian fighter jets violated Finnish airspace the day before.
Russia’s defense ministry quickly denied the accusations, saying their Su-27 military planes flew “in strict comp… …read more