A Sign Of The Times

…or TDC Mickey D’s

McDonald's opening in Dongducheon.

McDonald’s opening in Dongducheon.

While certainly not the height of culture, a McDonald’s opening in Dongducheon is certainly a sign things are changing. The city has grown a great deal in the last 20 years, particularly with the arrival of the subway and the construction of “New Town” aka Jihueng-Dong. Yes, Dongducheon has finally arrived, for better of worse.

This construction site sprung up recently, with little fanfare, on MSR 3 near Jihueng Station.

McDonald's opening in Dongducheon.

McDonald’s opening in Dongducheon.

Actually, it’s surprising it took so long. Neighboring Pocheon has two McDonald’s and Uijeongbu has at least two or three, among other American/international franchises.

Local conventional wisdom is: it took a long time because someone had to pay to construct a purpose built, stand alone building, as McDonald’s facility requirements for franchises are usually very stringent. I would say it is long overdue and expect the restaurant will do pretty well bushiness-wise.

Good luck, Ronald-Shi.

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