South Korea Introduces Women Only Parking Spaces

Apparently, this is not a joke.

South Korea introduces women-only parking spaces

South Korea introduces women-only parking spaces

I don’t know if this will work or not. Parking is always a sore subject in Korea though new building designers have started to do a better job of taking parking into account. But are Korean women actually worse at driving (or in this case parking) than Korean men?

Seoul has created special women-only parking spots to make the South Korea capital more female-friendly – not, apparently, as a statement on the gender’s driving ability.

The city is spending around $100 million on initiatives including the new parking spaces that are dubbed ‘she-spots’ and come marked with bright pink outlines and a skirted woman logo.

The move has already sparked accusations of sexism, like officials in the German town of Tribeg were met with in 2012 when they introduced a similar program.

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