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LTG: About Last Night

We all have both unique and shared (and uniquely shared) experiences living in Korea. So, I had my typical Friday night of darts at Dolce Vita although somewhat atypically I managed a first place finish.  My nephew Justin came by the bar for a couple of beers and then we headed out to the samgyapsal joint I favor. As is our normal practice the conversation soon turned to politics. And when I start getting wound up my voice gets somewhat intense.  Not shouting really, just kind of aggressive.  I was in this mode when the waitress came to our tableRead More

Your Engrish is really bad!

Living in Asia, the western English speaker often comes across glaringly odd examples of bizarre English usage. It is referred to as “Engrish” or more specific to Korea, “Konglish.”

Pictures of Thailand

Although this blog is mostly dedicated to Korea, there are many interesting destinations in the neighborhood. Plus, these are some great photos from our friend Brick in Thailand. Enjoy.

Photo credits: Brick. Visit our friend Brick on instagram to see more.

Why Emma Stone Loves Korean Food

Why Emma Stone Loves Korean Food

Suicide Epidemic Sweeping Korea

Organizations like the Korea Association for Suicide Prevention try hard to keep people from taking their own lives, but it looks as if the government is not too concerned about the latest epidemic.