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JCS: N. Korea Road-Mobile Musudan Missile Launch Fails

[Politics] : North Korea attempted to fire an intermediate-range ballistic missile, but the launch appears to …[more…] …read more

NORTH KOREAN COUP? Has Kim Jong Un lost control?

There is some media buzz about Kim Jong Uns sister taking control and the North Korean capital being on lock down. It is hard to say from the outside what is transpiring in the secretive state. Of course these types of events are always worrisome but life continues as normal in the south. Of course, if true, this is a major news event. Meanwhile I just checked the TV and FOXNEWS, CNN, and the BBC are droning on about the ebola issue. Never mind that 1 million people a year die from malaria. Not news. No panic.  How contagious isRead More

Where’s The Beef?

Ah North Korea. They try so hard but never seem to quite “get it.” While this is certainly the saddest excuse for a hamburger I have ever seen, it certainly must be better than the average citizens meal, such as rock and twig soup, or worse. The country of North Korea might not be too fond of the United States, but that doesn’t stop its citizens from wanting to try American cuisine. Recently, intrepid traveler Bobthewraith posted these sad photos on Reddit that show what counts as a hamburger according to the state-owned, national flag carrier airline of North Korea, Air Koryo.Read More

North Korea Official Makes Threat Over Construction of Panmunjom Watchtower

North Korea Official Makes Threat Over Construction of Panmunjom Watchtower

The Dear Leaders Finest Beer

Taedonggang Beer is a brand of North Korean beer brewed by the state-owned Taedonggang Brewing Company based in the country’s capital, Pyongyang. It is named after the Taedong River, which runs through the center of Pyongyang. In 2000, the North Korean government bought a complete brewery from the defunct British brewery, Ushers of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England for £1.5M via broker Uwe Oehms. There were, of course, concerns the equipment could be used for chemical weapons production but the North Koreans promised to only use said equipment for its intended purpose. Everyone knows the regime often breaks their promises, however, thanksRead More

BREAKING NEWS: The Usual Tit for Tat

SKOREA FIRES SHELLS AT NKOREAN WATERS AFTER DRILLS Nothing to get excited about at this point. The South has stated after previous serious provocations that they would respond to any further acts of aggression by the norK regime. Pretty much business as usual and life goes on in the south. SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea on Monday returned fire into North Korean waters after shells from a North Korean live-fire drill fell south of the rivals’ disputed western sea boundary, a South Korean military official said. Residents on a front-line South Korean island said they were evacuated toRead More