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38th Parallel Monument on MSR 3

Just north of Dongducheon, on MSR 3, is a monument to 1st Cavalry Division and associated units. It sites on a sort of median strip so is often overlooked.  I was riding past when I saw Korean soldiers and civilians cleaning up the area and placing flowers during Korean Memorial Day. It is located at Gyeonggi-do Yeoncheon-gun Cheongsan-myeon Choseong-ri San127-6 “HanTan Daegyo (bridge) 4 Way Junction” – 38.003407, 127.065847      

BREAKING NEWS: The Usual Tit for Tat

SKOREA FIRES SHELLS AT NKOREAN WATERS AFTER DRILLS Nothing to get excited about at this point. The South has stated after previous serious provocations that they would respond to any further acts of aggression by the norK regime. Pretty much business as usual and life goes on in the south. SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea on Monday returned fire into North Korean waters after shells from a North Korean live-fire drill fell south of the rivals’ disputed western sea boundary, a South Korean military official said. Residents on a front-line South Korean island said they were evacuated toRead More